Threat modeling A new mediumsizedhealth carefacility just opened and you are hiredas the CIO the CEO is somewhat technical and

Threat modeling
A new medium-sized
health care
facility just opened, and you are hired
as the CIO, the CEO is somewhat technical and has tasked you with creating a threat model. The CEO needs to decide from 3 selected models but needs your recommendation as well to make sound decisions. The concern is user authentication and credentials with third-party applications which is common in the health care
You will research several threat models as it applies to the health care industry, summarize three models and choose one as a recommendation to the CEO in a summary with a model
using UML Diagrams (Do not copy and paste images
from the Internet).
In your document be sure to discuss the security risks and assign a label of low, medium or high risks and the CEO will make the determination to accept the
risks or mitigate them).
The CEO has provided the attached article as a reference.
Explain why the other threat models are not ideal (compare and contrast)
Provide one recommendation with summary and UML diagram
Must be in full APA
3-page minimum
not including
the title page, abstract and references.


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