This week you learned about the MexicanAmerican War 18461848. In the primary source Against the Mexican War Thomas Corwin an

This week you learned about the Mexican-American War (1846-1848). In the primary source Against the Mexican War, Thomas Corwin, an American Senator, ominously foreshadows how the U.S. war against Mexico would result in a Civil War in the United States.
In this assignment, please respond to the bolded points below by 6 PM on Monday, May 18. Click the Submit Assignment button above to type in your response.
Identify Corwins intended audience. Why do you think Corwin addresses this particular audience?
Corwin states that there will be an immediate consequence for the United States if it continues its war against Mexico. What does Corwin say is the immediate consequence?
Corwin states that the immediate consequence of the Mexican war will produce an internal commotion in the United States. Summarize what this internal commotion is and how it will bring the United States into a collision point.


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