This is a summary reflection and policy solution paper on the topic of racial inequality in the American health care

This is a summary, reflection, and policy solution paper on the topic of racial inequality in the American health care system. Please use all of the references that I have provided for you in Modules 4 and 5 (including the book Just Medicine, the supplementary articles, and the supplementary videos). You may also do your own research and incorporate outside references in your paper. You must cite your sources and include a list of references following APA format:
All documents should be uploaded in Microsoft Word or a compatible format. I will enable vericite, so do not plagiarize! Organize the paper according to the questions that are asked of you so that your answers are easy to follow. Paper should be a minimum of 1200 words.
Papers should include:
1. (approximately 400 words) – A summary and critical reflection of Chapters 1 through 7 of Just Medicine, by Dayna Bowen Matthew. You may use the work that you completed last week. Focus this section on your own reflections and response to Matthews arguments.
2. (approximately 400 words) – An analysis of why the Coronavirus (COVID 19) is impacting Black, Indigenous, and Latino communities hardest. Show your understanding of how structural racism has led to this negative health outcome. Use the articles posted to Modules 4 and 5 (and your own outside research). Also include your application of Matthews theories to our current pandemic.
3. (approximately 400 words) – A policy solution to racial health inequities. You may refer to the solution(s) put forth by Matthew, but also think more broadly about what other experts have offered in terms of a policy solution to this significant social problem.


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