As we learn to develop speeches and presentations it is important to consider the language that we use. The words

As we learn to develop speeches and presentations, it is important to consider the language that we use. The words that we use are very important for effective communication. Not only are the words themselves important, but understanding how to use them is critical when trying to communicate a message to an audience.
One of the most powerful ways to create a memorable presentation is to use figurative language. After watching this Figurative Language video
(Links to an external site.) and reviewing the Figurative Language chart
(Links to an external site.), answer the following questions:
Of the different kinds of figurative language identified, which three do you find to be the most important to your effective use of language in a speech?
How do you intend to implement these techniques?
The initial post must be at least 250 words and must also include at least one reference to the course material. This will be in the form of an in-text citation as well as a full reference at the end of the post.

Required Resources
Tinianow, D. (2017). New traditions in public speaking.
Chapter 1: Benefits of Public Speaking
Chapter 2: Selecting, Researching, and Outlining Your Speech Topic


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