As organizations expand their digital infrastructures the amount of data being collected is growing at an everincreasing pace. This deluge

As organizations expand their digital infrastructures, the amount of data being collected is growing at an ever-increasing pace. This deluge presents a new set of challenges, and the most crucial of these — making sense of it all — depends on data visualization. Digital tools like Many Eyes and Tableau Software have empowered companies and the public to create visualizations using built-in templates, but they have also spurred a desire for more control over visual method, layout, style, and branding.
Find two data visualization products to review. These may be either a products which you are already familiar, or products you could research.
Provide a 250 word review of the two products in responding to the following questions:
Regarding the use of data visualizations, what are the products advantages? What are some of the products disadvantages? Which product would you prefer and why?
References: At least two peer-reviewed, scholarly journal references.


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