According to authors Gilbert and Troitzsch 2005 in the chapters Foundations of Simulation Modeling a simulation model is a computer

According to authors, Gilbert and Troitzsch (2005) in the chapters, Foundations of Simulation Modeling, a simulation model is a computer program that captures the behavior of a real-world system and its input and possible output processes.
Q2: In reference to the above
authors knowledge, and any assumptions presented by these authors in the case study, in your own words, briefly explain:
what simulation modeling relies upon?
using APA 6E guide, provide a short and clear
narrative to support your response,
provide substantive feedback to
three other colleagues response to the DF questions,
DON’T COPY and PASTE responses into the DF
from textbooks and any other digital Internet sources – its Verbatim!
points will be
earned for correct


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