1. DO NOT list DUTIESRESPONSIBILITIES on your resume :My duties included answering phones taking reservations customer service and blah blah

1.) DO NOT list DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES on your resume :
My duties included answering phones, taking reservations, customer service, and blah, blah, blah…. no one cares what you did. Potential employers ONLY care how WELL you did these things! Time to list your
2.) DO NOT list vague, meaningless terms/phrases!!!!!!!!!!
– team player, multi-tasking, great communication skills, computer efficient,
etc, etc. These WEAK, VAGUE PHRASES do nothing to make you appealing to a potential employer. If I told you 99 out of 100 other applicants use these very SAME terms and phrases, would you STILL use them? I hope not!!! TAKE THEM OFF OF YOUR RESUME.
Use the top of your resume to HIGHLIGHT your skills and/or QUALIFICATIONS. Research indicates readers (potential
will spend 8 -15 seconds looking at a resume. NO MORE Objectives.


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