As you continue to develop your ADD in your role as a software architect use the CRM system described in

As you continue to develop your ADD in your role as a software architect, use the CRM system described in the
Assignment Background
document to
the following additional sections in a 3- to 4-page Microsoft®
Word document:
Use Case section:
Create a Use Case Diagram in Microsoft®
for the to-be system. The use case diagram must show the major uses of the new system.
Include at least 7 use cases and at least 3 actors in your diagram.
User Stories section:
Create user stories for the use cases you identified above.
Development Methodology section:
Indicate how this system will be implemented through a methodology (Agile, Lean, Waterfall, etc.).
Explain how the development methodology impacts your architectural decisions.
the three sections into a single Microsoft®
Word document separate from the document created in Week 1. As this document is intended for a technical team, APA formatting is not required.


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