As a Human Service Professional you will encounter clients who have a multitude of problems and needs. As our society

a Human Service Professional, you will encounter clients who have a
multitude of problems and needs. As our society changes, it is our
responsibility to stay aware of the changes and how those changes impact
the services we provide. It is also our responsibility to know what
services and programs are available in our own community. Please use the
assigned readings and use the Library to research peer-reviewed studies
to support your post.
Please respond to the following:
Locate a program in your community serving one of the societal problems you identified in the unit 9 discussion.
Identify the name of the program and provide a brief description of the program including the services the program provides.
does the changes that have occurred in our society and the family unit
impact the way in which we as Human Service Professional provide
there any special considerations we need to take into account when we
are providing services to family (i.e., legal custody, extended family
or non-biological individuals who are perceived as family)
Human Service Professionals need to be more knowledgeable of things
like legal issues surrounding who can consent for treatment and the
difference between consenting for treatment and ability to make
educational decisions?


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