Your team is tasked by the CEO of your Organization to benchmark another health care organization.The benchmarking process requires your

Your team is tasked by the CEO of your Organization to benchmark another health care organization.
The bench-marking process requires your team to research a health care organization (UnitedHealth Group) , review their latest annual report and identify operational challenges, and opportunities, which entails providing a financial analysis of their financial statements.
Your team will provide the following information on the organization as well as an analysis of the organization’s financial statements you chose in Week 4.
Each Team member must complete one of the required elements listed below. In addition, each team member is responsible for defining and showing a calculation of one financial ratio listed below based on the organizations financial statements.(Solvency Ratio
150 words) Each team member is also required to contribute one recommendation for improvement that has not already been provided by another team member. (150 words for the recommendation) Each student must provide their own citations and references for their section. Each member is equally responsible to ensure their portion follows the academic integrity policy. These guidelines are to ensure everyone contributes to the entire proposal and provides original work.
Recommendations for Leadership : Each team member must list one recommendation for leadership to follow to improve financial operations (For United HealthGroup)The recommendations must be based on the financial analysis of the financial statements. As stated above, make sure that each team member contributes at least one recommendation and explains their rationale behind that recommendation. (150
words for this part)
The team only needs to discuss the ratios listed below in proportion to the number of team members. So, if you only have 4 team members, then you only need to discuss 4 of the ratios listed below and show those calculations.
Current ratio
Profitability ratio
Liquidity ratio
Solvency ratio
This is my part I must discuss on the organization United HealthGroup
Debt Service Coverage ratio
Inventory Turnover ratio
Operating Margin ratio
Return on total assets ratio


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