1 page response Go Tell It on the mountain Baldwin Go Tell It 4 Study Johns visionary journey 225244 and

1 page response
Go Tell It on the mountain
Baldwin Go Tell It (4)
Study Johns visionary journey (225-244) and create a list of scenes with short descriptions, due by Sunday.
In The Threshing Floor, (225-244) John experiences many dramas and emotions as he goes through being saved.
I Reread these pages, dividing his vision into major scenes, which are the stages of his spiritual journey. Just like a dream, these are
primarily fantastic and symbolic, not logical or realistic, since they take place mostly in his mind and soul.
II Create a list of your scenes in sequence. QUOTE the first and last phrase or sentence to mark
the parts, with page numbers (if you have them). Briefly summarize what happens and with whom, like this:
Scene 1. Begins with: Dust was in his nostrils, sharp and terrible (227) and continues to: Ah down! and to that purpose, where? (229) John falls to the floor possessed and feels thick dust choking him, panics and screams, knows the Holy Ghost is speaking to him, but doesnt know why.
Scene 2. Begins with: [etc] and continues up to: [etc.] USE THE MODEL ABOVE.
III. Describe as many scenes as exist in the vision — at least
separate long scenes, covering the opening up to Johns awakening and reception by Elisha and the saints (244). You can divide the 20 pages any way you like. DO begin at the beginning (you can start at another sentence if you wish).
IV. For extra credit: explain the Biblical allusions and parallels you see in any or all of the scenes; you can also go more deeply into the connections between the vision and Johns life up to now.


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