1. a. Which transaction cycles are the highrisk areas b. Identify at least three risk areas in the audit of

a. Which transaction cycles are the high-risk areas?
b. Identify at least three risk areas in the audit of Apple and describe: (1) the risk; (2) why you have assessed this as a specific risk; and (3) how you would perform the audit to address this risk.
c. If management faced tremendous pressure regarding the entity’s financial performance, what opportunities might exist for them to engage in fraudulent financial reporting?
Based on the background research and analytical procedures performed in Stages a-c, summarize your observations about the company’s business, including your assessment of the client’s business risk. Prepare a broad audit plan:
2. Which audit firm performed the audit? What kind of opinion has the audit firm issued on the financial statements (and on the internal control over financial reporting)? Are they consistent with what you expect based on your previous analysis? Did they add a Critical Audit Matters section?
Please answer the questions and write a 3 pages paper.


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