Assignment Content Writea 700 to 1050word paper in which you describe the key elements of the rights guaranteed by the

Assignment Content
a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you describe the key elements of the rights guaranteed by the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments and their impact on criminal procedure by the courts and police officers.
an explanation of how the Bill of Rights applies to the states via the Fourteenth Amendment.
your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Submit your assignment.
Helpful Hints
1. Do not quote any of these Amendments verbatim. It increases the amount of your paper that is comprised of quoted material and lessens the amount you actually write on your own. If you quote extensively, I wont know if you actually understand the material or are just good at cutting and pasting. Instead of quoting the amendments, spend you time in just explaining what rights each Amendment contains.
2. Dont just list the rights these Amendments contain; EXPLAIN them.
3. Do not discuss the Eighth Amendment here. It is not part of this assignment
4. In regards to the Fourteenth Amendment, all I am looking for is how this Amendment was used to incorporate the Bill of Rights so that they also apply to the states.
5. If you have questions, please ask me prior to submitting your paper.


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