BACKGROUND INFORMATION For this milestone the goal is to allow you to continue your analysis form Milestone One the answers

For this milestone, the goal is to allow you to continue your analysis form Milestone One (the answers highlighted) and forecast various operational parameters for your chosen phone option. (already done, see excel forecasting page) There are numerous forecasting tools and techniques available. However, for this project you will only use the naïve, moving average, and exponential smoothing (technique). In addition, you will evaluate trends in time series data, an invaluable skill in the business operations industry. Do not forget to include any assumptions you made during your analysis, as this will be important to decision makers reviewing your documentation.
Often times as part of a Business Case Analysis (BCA), a forecast technique will be utilized to support the recommendation(s). In this milestone, you will complete the forecasting report.
Using the phone option, you recommended in Milestone One (it will be option A), complete the following:
Forecasting using naive, moving averages, and exponential smoothing from data in Milestone One. (complete M5A13 on excel prior to this)
Evaluation of trends in time series data relating to Milestone One choice you selected (there will be data set for each of four possible options). (attached M5A2 and excel see highlighted answers)
Provide recommendation for and justify a 3-year forecast for expected sales of phones in two different market locations (geographical) (this will be in the format of a Forecast Report, using the provided template
[DOCX, file size 17.4 KB]).
Compose your work in a .doc or .docx file type using a word processor (such as Microsoft Word,


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