ATTACH TURNITIN Using your research question working thesis and outline create an annotated bibliography that provides a synopsis

Using your research question, working thesis, and outline create an annotated bibliography that provides a synopsis of your sources and an explanation of how you will use them.

1. Annotated Bibliography
Make sure to:
? Alphabetize the entries, according to APA style.
? Include the required bibliographic information in APA format for each entry.? Include 3-4 sentences for each entry that provide a short summary of the source and how you plan to use it to support your argument.? Include at least seven entries in your annotated bibliography, all of which must be credible, academic sources.? Choose your own sources, but use no more than three websites (there is no limit on the number of online journals used).? Thoroughly check the formatting requirements for the different source types.? Indicate the required sources (book, peer-reviewed journal, newspaper/magazine, and credible website) by including the source type in parentheses after the relevant entry.
2. Reflection
? Have you displayed a clear understanding of the research activities?
? Have you answered all reflection questions thoughtfully and included insights, observations, and/or examples in all responses?
? Are your answers included on a separate page below the main assignment?
B. Reflection Questions
DIRECTIONS: Below your assignment, include answers to all of the following reflection questions.
Accurately recording bibliographic information is essential and saves you time, as you can transfer this information to the References page of your drafted essay. Each source entry should include a brief summary of the source as well as 3-4 sentences describing how you intend to use that source to build or support your argument. Discuss how your annotated bibliography meets these criteria. (2-3 sentences)
Which strategies were most helpful for you when searching for credible sources? (2-3 sentences)
What difficulties did you face while searching for credible sources? How did you overcome these difficulties? (2-3 sentences)


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