Describe Discuss Please read all the instructions carefully. Remember that the main point and the basis of the grade will

Describe, Discuss
Please read all the instructions carefully. Remember that the main point – and the basis of the grade – will be whether you effectively follow the specific format and respond to the prompt using evidence from the film.
So be sure to read the instructions both before and after writing the essay. This is a shorter essay.
Here is the essay prompt:
Compare Marks life before and after his assault. Is his life better or worse now?
Your essay will:
introduce your topic,
objectively describe the film and its subject, and
respond to the prompt subjectively.
The essay must:
start with an opening paragraph that introduces the ideas in your response.
then have one or two paragraphs (not more) of objective description only of the film — what it is, what it is about;
then have 1-3 further body paragraphs of subjective description/discussion in which you state, explain and support your position on the prompt question, using evidence from the film.
have a concluding
paragraph that wraps up the essay.
be NO LESS than 800 words in length. (For your information, 800 words is about three pages.)
not contain any outside research whatsoever.
Everything in this essay must be from your own observation and thoughts. Evidence from the film itself is not outside research.
strictly divide, with separate paragraphs, into objective description and subjective discussion. The paragraphs that describe the film should make it clear to a reader what type of film it is and what/who it is about, and contain no value judgments (i.e. good or bad, whether you like it, etc.).
ESSAY. That includes
dictionary definitions and film reviews.
The essay must have a relevant title (not “Essay 1” or “Film Essay”).
The essay must be sufficiently finished and proofread to meet
the standards of a second essay in a college course under these
time conditions. Use the essay format I have posted on Canvas.
Anything I have not specified is up to you. Good luck, and


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