Formatting and length:1150 words minimum. Please use a standard format for your paper such as MLA orTurabianstyle. The text of

Formatting and length:
1150 words minimum.
Please use a standard format for your paper, such as MLA or
style. The text of your paper should be at least 1150 words, written in a standard font, such as Times New Roman or
Garamond, size 12, with 1-inch margins. You can use either parenthetical citations or footnotes/endnotes, but do cite your sources for any information that isnt common knowledge or quotations in the text. Number your pages.
These topics are meant to be open-ended, but students should incorporate any relevant readings that have been assigned as of the due date of the paper. I also encourage you to use outside sources (the final topic will require outside research). Cite any source you use in-text. Do not use any non-professional sources; when in doubt, email me.
Choose one of the following:
3. Discuss US foreign policy between 1893 and 1919. How consistent was
with the foreign policies
of William McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt? Was
a new
approach to foreign affairs?
Professional History Internet Sources


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