For this assignment you will be using the CSU Online Library to locate an article that discusses how emotional intelligence

For this assignment, you will be using the CSU Online Library to locate an article that discusses how emotional intelligence, intelligence quotient, and/or social intelligence are important to police-community relations. (I have found an article attached in this question)
The article must be a scholarly journal article. Do not use articles from newspapers, news outlets, blogs, websites, or Wikipedia as these sources are not academically acceptable.
When working on your article critique, please keep the following requirements in mind.
The article must be a scholarly journal article.
The topic must be appropriate for the course or the audience.
You should identify whether you are in support of the article’s premise or not and why.
You should then apply a proper analysis, which is predicated upon some knowledge of the topic, and a review of the contravening arguments made by other researchers or experts.
This is followed by you putting forth your critical evaluation of the premise(s) of the article and your position, supported by the literature.
Some of the questions you should ask about the article include the following:
What biographical data about the author of the article is important?
What is the purpose, tone, and format of the article?
How can the work be interpreted?
Based upon your review of the literature, is there any information in the article that is inaccurate or incomplete?
In what way was the article successful? Did the author succeed in what he or she was trying to accomplish?
How does the author fail? What did you find in your review of the literature that brings you to that conclusion?
Are there any historical, psychological, geographical, gender, racial, cultural, religious, or sexual considerations that have an impact on the article?
Your article critique should contain the following elements:
APA title page (p. 1);
content beginning on p. 2, and there must be a minimum of 3 pages of content, not including the title or references pages; and
APA references page.


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