For this assignment students will obtain a thorough understanding of how networks work at the infrastructure network and applications layers

For this assignment, students will obtain a thorough understanding of how networks work at the infrastructure, network, and applications layers; how they transfer data; how network protocols work to enable communication; and how the lower-level network layers support the upper ones. In addition, students will have a thorough knowledge of the major network protocols that enable communications and data transfer.
Students will be compiling components from all their assignments to create an Internetwork Implementation Proposal, with full script configuration and diagrams. The audience for the proposal will be mid- to high-level business executives who are somewhat familiar with technology.
The Internetwork Implementation Proposal should consist of the following headings:
Table of Contents
Overview: Provide a basic description of the organizations current network system, as well as a basic description of the internetwork implementations being proposed.
Network Infrastructure: Provide a complete network topology diagram, including all elements of the network infrastructure, addressing, and applicable configurations. It should include the following: IPv4 device addressing, IPv4 subnets, IPv6 device addressing, and IPv6 subnets.
Network Functionality: Explain the functionalities covered in each course assignment and why the functionality covered in each assignment may or may not be necessary for your company. Reference your topology as appropriate for each function placement. Create relevant subtopics as needed.
Network Protocols: Include how the organizations current and proposed network protocols work to enable communication and data transfer, and specifically address major network protocols.
Network and Applications Layers: Include a description of the organizations current and proposed network and applications layers, as well as how the lower-level network layers will support the upper ones.
Recommended Infrastructure: Include recommendations for appropriate hardware, quantity, and cost for the proposed networking infrastructure implementations. Make sure to address the nature, scope, and significance of the proposed implementations.
Network Management: Include research issues related to network management, and then choose at least two issues that might occur in your corporation. Then, provide possible solutions for the issues.
Appendix A: Configuration Scripts: Include the configuration scripts required to implement the proposal for each network element and function covered in the proposal.
Appendix B: Configuration Script Instructions: Include detailing instructions on how to implement the scripts in Appendix A.
References: Include two or more scholarly resources.

Create a proposal for an internetwork configuration with detailed instructions for a company.
Apply skills necessary to install, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot networks of all sizes within a business context.
Examine network functions at the infrastructure and applications layers.
Examine network processes for data transmission and communication.
Analyze the relationship between lower-level network layers and upper ones.
Examine major network protocols.


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