How to report analysis result Follow these steps: 1 Data cleaning outliers and missing values 2 Frequency analysis and getting

How to report analysis result?
Follow these steps:
1- Data cleaning, outliers and missing values
2- Frequency analysis and getting charts only for demographic information
3- Descriptive analysis, mean and SD of the item, normality test ( skewness and kurtosis for all items); You are required to put the table for descriptive analysis in the appendix, however you must interpret/explain the findings of descriptive within the body of the assignment)
4- Preliminary analysis:
a) Reliability (cronbach alpha and CR) and convergent validity (factor loading and AVE). Design a table to report the findings and this table must be placed within the body of the assignment
b) Correlation analysis table (correlation and discriminant validity); this table must be placed within the body of the assignment
5- Hypotheses testing: You have to run the regression that address the hypothesised relationship and clearly present those results in tables; this table must be placed within the body of the assignment
Interpretation of findings: In every step of data analysis and based on the result you get from SPSS, you have to interpret the result and say what those results mean. Use the write-up samples in the lecture slides but please don’t copy and paste. If you go to the methodology section of different quantitative articles, you would find various ways to report the findings.
Important notes:
You have to include all of the SPSS output as an appendix to the report.
Reference list and these appendixes are not included in the word count.


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