Go to the following website by clicking on the provided link http:www.countyhealthrankings.organd select a county and a state this may

Go to the following website by clicking on the provided link, http://www.countyhealthrankings.org/
and select a county and a state (this may be the county/state in which you reside, attend school, or plan to live and work as an APRN).
After reviewing the website and
the health outcomes in the County Health Rankings for the area,
answer the following questions in a few short sentences as part of your discussion.
Briefly list the general statistics pertaining to a
specific health concern that is on the rise in selected the city/county.
How can the creation of a community health center program help to address this public health problem?
What can you as a nurse practitioner and/or nurse leader do to influence policy innovation to resolve the problem?
Note: Im a nursee with a bsn currently doing the FNP
to become a future APRN. I live in miami beach in the state of Florida


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