read at least three 3 academically reviewed articles on Management Information Systems andor a company youre interested in then complete

ead at least three (3) academically reviewed articles on Management Information Systems and/or a company youre interested in, then complete the following activities:
(Wikipedia articles will not be accepted. Professor will check originality of all posts).
Summarize all three (3) articles in 300 words or more. Please use your own words. No copy-and-paste
Discuss at least 3 different concepts presented in the articles. As an IT professional, how would you apply the three (3) concepts you identified.
Please use APA throughout.
As a team, use some of these articles to create a team powerpoint presentation. Assign a different area of MIS to each team member.

create 8 slides on what they have been assigned.
Slide requirements:
Bullet points only! No paragraphs. If you need to discuss put it in the presenters notes section.
All references go at the end of the presentation.


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