Select a company from the SP 500 https:en.wikipedia.orgwikiListofS26P500companies Except Facebook Microsoft Tesla Starbucks Nike amazon apple and google hopefully a

Select a company from the S&P 500
(Except Facebook, Microsoft, Tesla, Starbucks,
Nike, amazon, apple, and google)
hopefully a new company to you and read the opening narrative of two recent financial filings- 10-Qs – quarterly filings and/or the news release version that was sent out.
Read at least the first 6-7 pages of the story part
of the release.
First, list 4 interesting/unusual facts, issues, products, events, personalities (not just the name of CEO) etc,. about the company that you did
not know before reading the documents. Be specific and describe in detail.
as item #5, describe the movement of the stock price on the day of the most recent document that you read. For example, Stock went for 60.50 to 61.75 after the announcement of these financials on this date.


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