REPLY TO EACH POST 100 WORDS MIN 1. The story I choose to highlight was


1. The story I choose to highlight was posted on the Humans of New York Facebook page on May 9th. This narrative was from a young woman raised by her single mother who told her that her father was a king in Malaysia when she asked why he could not accompany her to a father/daughter event. The young lady believed her mother as a kindergartner but as she grew older, she began to doubt her mother’s claim since, as immigrants from the Philippines, they were living very poorly in a rented room. When she was 14, she and her mother received a phone call and as it turns out, her mother was telling the truth. They were flown overseas for a royal visit and although demands for child support were met, the king never agreed to establish paternity. Luckily the mother insisted that he take a picture with his daughter.
Obviously when I read this story, I read it with a slant towards the feminist theory. This woman (the mother) was apparently young (judging by the pictures posted) and the king was significantly older than her. In the post the daughter says that her mother met her father at a party and offered little detail beyond that. It would be no surprise that perhaps a bit of power was exerted whether it was psychological or otherwise. He was clearly in a position of power so not only was there gender inequality but class inequality as well.
Another aspect of this story that caught my eye was that the king never introduced her to his other children or brought into his family. In many Asian cultures male children are valued higher than female children, which is unfair to say the least. Perhaps that was one of the reasons he chose not to include her in his family?
While the article did not go into depth about the gender of his other children, she did not ask to be born -male or female – so it is not her to do anything in terms of recognition, that is his responsibility that he apparently shrugged off while her mother worked to raise and support her.
As one of his children she has full right to be acknowledged as much as the children he lived with in his family.

The feminist theory, according to this week’s reading, captures the inequality found between the male and female gender throughout society and history.
The theory in general emphasizes the inequality in a broad sense, while variations of this theory breaks the issue down, explaining certain causes for the inequality.
One of the stories from the “Humans of New York” Instagram page discussed a Kurdish woman who was mentored, as a child, by a teacher who came from outside of the German society.
This teacher brought in a new perspective to the young woman, who reflects that it taught her about living beyond the traditions that bound many women to a culture of dependency and binding to the duties as a mother.
The teacher brought in new concepts of independence and individuality, which encouraged the young woman to chase her dreams instead of conforming to an unequal society that stepped on the potential of women, lowering them to nothing more than breeders of children.
While this woman still loves her culture, she recognized that had she not been influenced by that teacher, she would most likely be a mother of five or more children.
Cultures that reserve women for a singular task, such as childbearing do not often encourage young girls to develop their own goals, creating a dependency of women on their society, which was also discussed in the reading.


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