Write a research paper that analyzes and evaluates the supply chain operations of yourselected company to make recommendations that improve

Write a research paper that analyzes and evaluates the supply chain
operations of your
selected company to make recommendations that improve
quality, lower costs, and increase sustainability.
Use the following outline to structure the headings and content for your research paper:
State the purpose of the paper.
Describe the structure of the paper.
Transportation and Security.
Analyze the transportation cost structures, modes, and
distribution centers, inventory control systems, and inventory costs
reduction strategies of the
selected company.
Explain the relationships between freight rates and consignment weight.
Identify some of the many issues (including the effect of
supply chain strategies) that can impact the efficiency of transport
services used by the selected company.
Analyze the impact of relevant security initiatives, logistics
and transportation risks, and transport security technical systems for
selected company.
criteria that could be used to evaluate the impacts of those factors.
Procurement and Inventory Management.
Evaluate the sourcing and procurement strategies as well as
potential sustainability and environmental issues for the
Evaluate the inventory control systems used by the selected company.
Evaluate inventory costs reduction strategies used by the selected company.
Technology and Information Management.
Explain the logistics automation and logistic systems costs of the selected companys supply chain.
Evaluate data capture methods used in the selected company.
Evaluate data flows in the supply chain.
Global Risk Factors.
Assess the effectiveness of the
selected companys approach to GSCM.
Apply Part 2 of the Supply Chain Risk Assessment Survey
to your assessment.
Consider in particular levels of current and projected future
vulnerability, risk, and anticipated resilience strategies, as you
apply Part 2 of the survey to the supply chain of your selected
Select 5–7 risk factors listed in Part 2 of the survey and provide a short assessment of each for your selected company.

How effective is the selected companys approach?
How will you overcome or prepare for these risks to mitigate losses that can occur if these issues arise?
How would you suggest the company
improves the strategy? Why?
Optional: Explanatory Videos.
Consider embedding explanatory videos that support your observations.
u200bRevisit key points and important takeaways.
Discuss information gaps and questions for additional research.
Additional Requirements
Your assignment should meet the following requirements:
Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
APA format: Follow current APA guidelines for style and format, including a cover page, headings, references, and citations.
References: Correlate your responses to assigned
articles and integrate at least four references from
scholar-practitioner sources that you locate.
Length: A minimum of 1,800 words, not counting the title page, or references section.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point
I have attached the paper with the comments from the teacher to help guide along the way.


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