Write a 500 word definition essay on one of the terms or conceptsfrom the list provided below. Use other modes

Write a 500 word definition essay on one of the terms or concepts
from the list provided below. Use other modes of writing, such as description, exploratory, and persuasion (argumentation) to produce a well-developed definition for your term or concept.
Choose your terminology carefully; you want to select a term/concept that is rich in personal meaning.
When defining complex and abstract concepts, your ultimate goal is to provide a specific and concrete meaning for your reader.
Extended definitions, such as the one I am asking you to produce as
your final essay, depend on examples, illustrations, and narratives.
Personal observation and opinion should also serve as the basis for your definition.
Select one of the following terms or concepts to produce your Final Definition Essay Exam :
1 –
2 –
3 –
4 – Joy
Choose your
essay structure carefully.
Avoid including details that do not serve to advance or complete your definition.
As always, I expect your essay to contain
a strong introduction that includes your essays thesis, a coherent
and focused body that effectively transitions from paragraph to paragraph, and a rich conclusion that provides closure for your definition.
Use all the resources you have available to complete this exam.
Refer to your Course Documents folder and your textbook for strategies and tips on student writing.
I strongly recommend that you reread chapter sixs introduction and conclusion to refresh your knowledge
of the definition mode.
Be sure to reference the revisions I have provided you for prior assignments, as these revisions specifically speak to your writing style.


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