Week 9: ASSIGNMENT Write a progress report addressed to me that is singlespaced and no more than one page long.

Write a progress report, addressed to me, that is single-spaced and no more than one page long.
I would like to see your progress report on your self-evaluation of your performance OR You may pick a topic of your choice we discussed in this course.

Please use below format.
FORMAT: Use memo format and the following headings:
BACKGROUND: A statement of the purpose of your project and the problem you are investigating
WORK COMPLETED: What you have done for the project (the exact tasks you have completed), how much time you have spent so far (check your task sheet), general information about group progress, and problems you have encountered in doing the research and working with the group
PRESENT WORK: What you are currently working on and, in general, what information you have found
WORK TO BE COMPLETED: What remains to be done, what problems you anticipate, and what you hope the results of your class will be
You will be graded on the progress report’s format, writing style, and mechanics and on your candor, honesty, and participation.


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