We are still in the Restaurant business in Texas. However this analysis is about you your education or experience and

We are still in the Restaurant business in Texas. However, this analysis is about you, your education or experience, and your support network. This could be used for any situation such as a new job, moving across the country, or starting graduate school.
The purpose of this assignment is to test the organization and self linkages of the business. It is important to have family and friends support you, understand you, be willing to talk, and be willing to help once in a while. We are also testing to see if you are willing to Do what it takes, and your knowledge base.
Having your own business is not a 9-5 job five days a week, and requires you to make the right decisions.
Start with page 163 of the textbook. (Please submit the assignment as Lastname.Firstname.Organization.docx.) You will notice that much of this is covered in section eight of the business plan template. Your written report should be key boarded, utilize the American Psychological Association (APA) citation format, and be 2-3 pages in length (including exhibits, tables and appendices). Use 12 point Ariel font, 1/4 inch indentions,
and single line and character spacing. All assignments will graded as to content, format, Grammar, spelling, punctuation, word use, subject-verb agreement, and other hallmarks of University level writing.
Turn in your Word files (with header) to Canvas for submission to www.turnitin.com. Late submissions will not be accepted. Lastname.Firstname.Organization.docx
Organization/ Self Feasibility Analysis
1. What are the major reasons you want to start a business?
2. How many hours are you willing and able to put into your new venture?
3. How would you describe your tolerance for uncertainty and risk?
4. Do you easily trust other people working with you on a common activity? Why or why not?
5. How much financial risk are you willing to take with your new venture (personal assets, debt, etc.)?
6. Assume you decide not to start your business. A short time later, you see that someone has started the same business and is doing well. How would that make you feel? Why?
7. What are the nonfinancial risks for you in starting a new business?
8. How do you react to failure? Examples?
9. How do you react in times of personal stress? How do you deal with stress in your life?
10. How much income do you need to support your current lifestyle?
11. How long could you survive without a paycheck?
12. How much money do you have available to start your business?
13. Which of your personal assets would you be willing to borrow against, or sell, to start your business?
14. Whose support (nonfinancial) is important for you to have before starting your business (family, spouse, etc.)?
The following list of questions will examine “Why” you want to start a new venture. That includes attending university or Law School. Starting on page 164 in the textbook is a bullet list of soul searching questions. I assume you know what motivates you and the core values you bring to the table. Please start by answering the questions below.
Ingredients for Responsible Leadership.pdf


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