Waive your magic wand and SHAZAM You are now the brand newvice presidentmanagersupervisor whatever works for you for the XYZ

Waive your magic wand and SHAZAM! You are now the brand new
vice president/manager/supervisor (whatever works for you) for the XYZ Company, Inc. This assignment
will require some of you to stretch your creativity and vision for the future – Thank goodness it’s called a Mini-Research project!
Remember, Google is your friend – Do the research to determine (best you can) what organizational changes likely occur
as a result of the COVID-19 shutdown. Keep in mind, your paper will essentially document your opinion based on your research – No right or wrong answers here. Im looking for how well you can follow directions, well thought out
ideas, and a good paper.
Remember to include the why and how for your ideas i.e., why is this a problem? how will this impact the organization?
You do the research – You draw the conclusions – Your ideas!
Based on your research:
Part I: Discuss (in detail) the top five (5) organizational changes caused/created by COVID –
20 points
Part II: Discuss (in detail) the top five (5) changes you will need to make as a future manager/supervisor to deal with managing your post-COVID organization
– 20 points
Part III: Include a separate and properly formatted reference page – 10 points
Please upload your properly formatted paper to Bb – do not copy/paste your text
Use bullet points with complete paragraphs for each small business issue
Paragraphs = three to five complete sentences
Use fewer than three (3) sources for your research


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