Use your selected company from Weeks 15 for this weeks assessment. Youve become a trusted resource for your organization and

Use your selected company from Weeks 1-5 for this week’s assessment.
You’ve become a trusted resource for your organization, and they’ve asked your advice on having a competitive advantage in the field. More specifically, they would like your analysis and recommendations on ways to bring their company culture, demographics, and technologies up to current industry practices and beyond.
Create a 10- to 12-slide (5-10 minute) presentation that includes the following elements:
Analysis of the organization’s current culture (e.g., beliefs, expectations, values, and norms). Address how managers influence the organizational culture.
Evaluation of the impact of demographic forces (e.g., age, gender, ethnic origin, race, sexual orientation, and social class) of your selected organization (this is for organization, not customers) and what it could be
Note: This is a good place to use your chart/outline/infographic from Week 5. But be sure graphic is explained
Examination of the impact of technological forces (e.g., changes in the technology managers use to design, produce, or distribute goods and services) of your selected company
Examination on how the organization has complied with ethics and social responsibility behavior; be specific
Recommendations of ways to innovate based on analysis; recommendations should be innovative and not just based on what organization is already doing (keep doing what youre doing is not acceptable recommendation)
References: use textbook and one business journal article (company website does not count nor do blogs or websites selling services)
Follow slide guidelines and include required slides (see Effective Presentations posted in Course Content) and/or review video
Include detailed speaker notes in a Word document or add voice over to slides (directions in presentation posted in Course Content and in video


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