1 Follow the time frames as noted: Introduction 10 or 18 seconds Narrative 15 or 27 seconds Argument 50 or

Follow the time frames as noted: Introduction (10
% or 18 seconds), Narrative (15
% or 27 seconds), Argument (50
% or 1.5 minutes), Refutation (15
% or 27 seconds), and Conclusion (10
% or 18 seconds).
Format: 3-minute text recording
(Example Below file upload)
Design 5 PowerPoint slides that support your rhetoric of speech recording. Use one slide for each element of the rhetoric of speech
Format: PowerPoint slides (5 maximum) ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuB7IhWZnJs&feature=youtu.be )
Criteria for Success:
Slides are designed to engage the audience. Visual messages are clear and concise. Messages clearly support the rhetoric of speech.
DUE : 06/19


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