1. View the following web sites: NSPE Code of Ethics www.nspe.orgEthicsCodeofEthicsindex.html ASCE Code of Ethics www.asce.orgcodeofethics IEEE Code of Ethics

1. View the following web sites: NSPE Code of Ethics www.nspe.org/Ethics/CodeofEthics/index.html ASCE Code of Ethics www.asce.org/code-of-ethics/ IEEE Code of Ethics – www.ieee.org/about/corporate/governance/p7-8.html ACM Code of Ethics https://ethics.acm.org/code-of-ethics/software-engineering-code/ a) Why do engineers follow a code of ethics? What do the above four code of ethics have in common? (Prepare one page answer.) b) What are the responsibilities of professional engineers in working life ? Explain and discuss each of them by giving an example.


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