1. Must we go through all the stages in Eriksons theory In Piagets theory Explain. 2. How is the therapeutic

Must we go through all the stages in Eriksons theory? In Piagets theory? Explain.
How is the therapeutic approach of Bettelheim to autistic children similar to the child-rearing philosophy of Gesell?
If Rousseau were alive, how highly would he regard Schachtels work? Explain.
a) Contrast the positions of Bandura and Chomsky on how children develop language.

b) How does either evidence on motherese OR on creoles bear on this debate?
Todays standards movement implores all of us to do a better job of preparing children for the future. What does Crain, the textbook author, say about this goal?
Your responses should be approximately one-half to one page each (double-spaced) for a total of three-six
pages (not including Title and References Pages if you choose to include them).


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