Here is the requirement and I need the writer to use senge as well as other journals with peerreviewed and

Here is the requirement and I need the writer to use senge, as well as other journals with peer-reviewed and they, have to be scholastic.
you believe systems thinking would solve many problems in your organization of choice (work group, department, organization, family or social). You therefore want to introduce systems thinking to this organization. How would you go about doing that?
In the Fieldbook Senge, et al. (1994) provide us with some tools to explore systems thinking. What other specific tools, exercises or videos might you use to help people explore systems thinking? Are there on-line resources that might be helpful? In your post, please explore one tool to encourage systems thinking and explain how you would use it in the workplace. At the most basic level people often complain about “silos” or rigid hierarchy in organizations. How can you go about helping people see their interdependencies?


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