From Chapter 12 page 379 WEBBASED CASE STUDY THE FUTURE OF LIFE INSTITUTE. Read the case and answer

From Chapter 12, page 379 WEB-BASED CASE STUDY, THE FUTURE OF
Read the case and answer all 4 questions (4*5 = 20 points).
Question: Elon-Musk donated $10 million to a
foundation called the Future of Life Institute.
The institute published
an open letter from an impressive array of AI experts who call for
careful research into how humanity can reap the benefits of AI “while
avoiding its pitfalls.”
Go online and find out about the institute’s
1) What are its primary goals?
2) How can
humans establish and maintain careful oversight of the work carried out
by robots?
3) How valid are Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Stephen
Hawking’s concerns?
4) What other concerns should the public bear in
mind as the technological revolution advances?
Future of Life Institute.


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