For this assignment you will develop and submit two 2 Committee Member Recommendation Sheets CMRS. As explained on the Course

For this assignment, you will develop and submit two (2) Committee Member Recommendation Sheets (CMRS). As explained on the Course Project – Introduction page, in order to accomplish this — for each CMRS — you will need to:
Identify a specific Law/Regulation/Standard that each healthcare facility needs to be aware of and comply with during regular business in the USA.
Determine who (which job title) at the Livewell facility should monitor for that particular Law/Regulation/Standard.
This determination is made by identifying who, by virtue of their normal role at Livewell, is the most likely person that would identify risk for breaking this law. This person will be recommended for the Compliance Committee by completing a Committee Member Recommendation Sheet (CMRS).
Download this list of Compliance Committee Member Options with brief descriptions to assist your decision-making process.
Complete a Committee Member Recommendation Sheet (CMRS)
Download the Committee Member Recommendation Sheet (CMRS) template. This template contains further guidance and complete instructions describing how to complete a CMRS. You will complete one of these for each of the 6 required CMRS in this project.
Download a Sample Completed (CMRS) to help guide your efforts.


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