First: Readreview these articles and watch the video: Pollack A. 2016 Jan 31. New weapon to fight Zika: The mosquitoLinks

Read/review these articles and watch the video:
Pollack, A. (2016, Jan 31). New weapon to fight Zika: The mosquito
(Links to an external site.). New York Times. Retrieved from
Video: ABC News: Genetically modified mosquito study in Florida to halt spread of viruses sparks eco debate
(Links to an external site.). [Video, 01:46 mins].
Prakash, D., Verma, S., Bhatia, R., Tiwary, B.N. (2011) Risks and Precautions of Genetically Modified Organisms
(Links to an external site.). Review Article, International Scholarly Research Network (read the Abstract, more if you wish but not required!)
Next, post to the Discussion Board:
Scenario: The mosquito that can carry Zika and other diseases has been detected in your community. The town council is debating how best to deal with this problem before there are major health concerns for everyone in the community.
Prepare a position statement (250+ words) that you will deliver to your town council, friends, and neighbors when the authorities are contemplating releasing GE mosquitoes into your area. You may take a positive or negative stance on the issue, BUT you must support your position with facts, not opinions or scare tactics. You must present unbiased, scientific evidence to support your position.


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