First consider the following quote: Human relationships and the effects of relationships on relationships are the building blocks of healthy

First, consider the following quote:
Human relationships, and the effects of relationships on relationships, are the building blocks of healthy development (Shonkoff & Phillips, 2000, p. 4).
Think about the relationships you currently have in your life and the impact of those relationships, that is, the role (or roles) they play in your life. How did these relationships develop? What do they mean to you, that is, how to they affect your life? What do you believe makes a relationship healthy and strong? What do you do to maintain relationships over time? What do you contribute to and what are you looking for from others? For the relationships you consider most significant, what special characteristics do they have that distinguish them those that are not as significant? What would your life be without these relationships?
By Day 6
Post your Relationship Reflection by responding to and summarizing points you choose (and/or adding to) the following guidelines:
Create a space on your blog dedicated to current relationships. Title this space: Relationship Reflection
Explain why relationships/partnerships are important to you (If you would like, upload a photo or photos of people* who are important to you)
Identify several people with whom you currently have positive relationships and/or partnerships
Describe the ways in which each relationship is positive and factors that contributed to developing and maintaining each relationship
Describe insights regarding challenges to developing and maintaining relationships that you have learned from your experience over time
What do you see as special characteristics of these relationships that make some, if any, partnerships?
How might your experiences with relationships/partnerships, including your ability to be an active, reflective contributor, impact your work as an effective early childhood professional?
Note: For many, significant, reciprocal relationships are not only with people but may also be with an animal/pet. If this applies to you, feel free to include those relationships here.


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