Everybody is aware of the harmful effect of plagiarism. But many students even today commits this academic sin due to

Everybody is aware of the harmful effect of plagiarism. But many students even today commits this academic sin due to the lack of knowledge of different types of plagiarism
presents in the academic world.
Different types of plagiarism
can harm your academic career. So to avoid that, you need to know what are the different kinds of plagiarism exists. As you read this article, you will be amazed how often you’ve committed this sin unknowingly in your paper.
There are more than 10 types of plagiarism. But for now, lets learn some of the most common types of plagiarism
that exist in the academic world.
1. Accidental plagiarism
Accidental plagiarism takes place when you accidentally forget to cite your sources. By now, you should thoroughly understand the different citation format like APA, MLA, Howard, MLA, APSA, etc. The citation should not be complicated, especially when you have so many citation generator tools which help to organize and cite your sources.
Mosaic plagiarism
Mosaic plagiarism which is also known as patchwriting, gets detected when a student uses a phrase from online in the content without using quotation. This will happen even if you try to rephrase the phrase as the structure will remain the same.
Self Plagiarism
Among all examples of plagiarism, this is the most common one. Students try to be sneaky with stealing previous work material to use in their present content without permission.
Clone plagiarism
Seeing the name, you may have questions like what is clone plagiarism
and how it is considered to be a type of plagiarism in the dissertation paper. And one can take online dissertation help. So to make it simpler of you, it is basically cheating directly from a source without making any change. When a person copies from another source directly without making any change, it is called clone plagiarism. Example of clone plagiarism:
Cntrl+C plagiarism
This is the kind of plagiarism when only a certain portion of the document is copied from a single source without making any changes.
Mashup Plagiarism
When a person tries to avoid plagiarism by mixing content from more than one source without proper citation is called mashup plagiarism.
7.404 error
Here, a person copies from various sources to prepare a single document. However, if the citation shows inaccurate or a 404 error message comes, it is considered to be plagiarised.
You must understand different forms of plagiarism
to avoid making a mistake in your paper. I hope this helps you in answering your query “what are the different types of plagiarism?”
SUMMARY: Plagiarism is unavoidable in schools or colleges so beware of the different types of plagiarism
that exists.
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