Discussion Download theWeek 2 SelfAssessment of the AACN Essentials Links to an external site.Follow the directions on the form. Note

Download the
Week 2 Self-Assessment of the AACN Essentials
(Links to an external site.)
Follow the directions on the form. Note your total score. Next, review this article:
Kramer, M., Schmalenberg, C., Maguire, P., Brewer, B., Burke, R., Chmielewski, L., … Meeks-Sjostrom, D. (2009). Walk the talk: Promoting control of nursing practice and a patient-centered culture.
Critical Care Nurse, 29(3), 77–93.
(Links to an external site.)
After you have completed your self-assessment, answer the following questions:
Describe the relationship between the AACN Essentials and your new-found knowledge about Patient Centered Care. Are there opportunities for you to improve?
Essential VIII: Professionalism and Professional Values discusses professional standards of moral, ethical, and legal conduct. Review the Professional Integrity Module-Academics and Practice at the beginning of the course (the first module). Then reflect on your own beliefs and values as they relate to professional nursing practice.
Discuss implications of professional nursing integrity and academic integrity.


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